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Sketches and Photo Reference for the Magnus Crucifix Project

I don't know how much detail will be visible on these scans and photos but here they are anyway: 

This is the first charcoal sketch for the Christ figure in the Magnus crucifix.  It is the actual size of the panel, 30cm x 45.5 cm (12'x17 3/4".  Here is the second sketch: This is the sketch based on the crucifix statue in the church.  

Now, here is the third sketch which I used and which had elements of both: 
It was done on tracing paper which I like to use for preliminary sketches because it erases easily and can be laid over other elements of the composition to see how it fits.  I decided at some point that the head on the Christ figure was too large and that he looked too young but at this point I was OK with it.  

Here is a close-up of the third sketch which may be a bit blurry:
My main concern at this point was not shading but simply getting the anatomy right.  The hardest thing was the hands, of course.  I learned a lot while doing these photos and sketches about how the Renaissance masters must  have posed their models.  It appears to me that in the Netherlandish crucifix paintings the models might have posed holding onto some sort of peg arrangement, which naturally the artist didn't paint in.  The model might  have been standing on a ladder or something that gave them a seat to balance against.  Otherwise, the pose is impossible to hold.  IMHO, anyhow.  

Here is the photo reference for the knees and feet:    I would love to show all the photo reference but I don't want to embarrass my extremely obliging models who made me promise never, never to publish pictures of them half-naked on the internet.  Only my closest friends know who those legs belong to and he said this was OK but I may not post anymore than this.  

By the way, I hope I do not offend religious readers with my somewhat offhand approach to the sketches of Jesus Christ.  Through the drawing process, I became detached from any religious meaning and more focused on the anatomy of the models, fabric folds, etc.  I don't mean to be disrespectful.  But the drawings became simply drawings of human beings in various poses. 

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