Guilia Della Fiore (julianadeflorey) wrote,
Guilia Della Fiore

The Magnus Crucifix Project finished painting

Well, this is the fourth time I've tried to post an entry about my finished "Magnus Crucifix" project.  I'd already somehow messed my Livejournal entry up twice when yesterday afternoon while I was typing away, my son was carjacked at gunpoint on my front porch.  Yes indeedy.  Everyone is fine now and he has his car back but not his wallet.  However, I managed to lose my LiveJournal entry.  So today I tried again and the screen locked up while I was trying to tell about the carjacking and I lost it again.

Thank you Theresa, for coming over last night and letting me blubber on your shoulder about the carjacking.  Here is a scan of the finished painting.  My son posed for the figure of both Jesus and St. John.  Now I'm wondering if maybe that was bad karma or something.


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